Soft Kill Option

„Somewhere between slowcore & speedy, funky & punky SKO remind a little bit of Ken Vandermark's Spaceways Inc. - File under: Urban Headbang Noir Jazz.“
(Klaus Nüchtern, Falter Nr. 45/15, november 2015)

Markus Ohler - bariton saxophone
Bernd Satzinger - electric bass
Mathias Koch - drums

Human Circus

Human Circus – a place where people and their personal stories meet, a place of variety, a melting pot. A moving place; flexible, neither cemented nor concreted. A place of simplicity and reduction. Of absurdities and oddities. A theater. A place to laugh, cry and dream. A charming, fabulous and mystical place. A retreat.

Verena Zeiner / Piano & compositions
Mira Lu Kovacs / Vocals
Philip Yaeger / Trombone
Mathias Koch / Drums
Alexander Yannilos / Sound
Elisabeth Orlowsky, Andrea Nagl & Verena Zeiner / Dance
Maria Frodl / Photos
Birgit Haiden / Videos
Produced by Verena Zeiner & Alexander Yannilos
Freifeld Tonträger 2014

Princess Himbeere and her Band

A story about the courage to do the first step.
Music, dance and theatre for children from 6 years onwards.

Maja Osojnik Band @ Popfest 2013 LIVE

Maja Osojnik - voice, Michael Bruckner - guitar, Philipp Jagschitz - piano, Bernd Satzinger -bass
Mathias Koch - Drums

big thanks for the video to Carlo Wolf:

TeTeTe – Bienenkino

Kaktus und Prinzessin, Tanz das Krokodil, Der Bienenfisch, Die Prophezeiung, CheZo hat Termine
Der Bratwurstbär, Die Sache mit dem Maulwurf 1, Die Sache mit dem Maulwurf 2

1st of September 2010, Bollwerk, Moers.

Christian Reiner - Voice, Philip Zoubek - Piano, Mathias Koch - Drums
Maki Dorninger - Tagtool, Mathias Fritz - Tagtool

TeTeTe – Theresas Traum

"Theresas Traum" by Tetete - an Alpine adventure show for children based on freestyle storytelling, improvised music and Tagtool visuals. The central themes are fear and imagination, and their power to affect reality.

Recorded at Remise Bludenz, Austria, in November 2013.

Christian Reiner - Voice, Philip Zoubek - Piano, Mathias Koch - Drums, Richard Koch - Trumpet
Maki Dorninger - Tagtool, Mathias Fritz - Tagtool

Dudes II – Dudes Go Camping

trailer of the show, performed in WUK, Vienna in Februray 2010

Dudes, Concept: Luke Baio, Dominik Grünbühel
Music: Mathias Koch
Sound-Design: Herbie Kopitar

Exit Eden feat. Phil Minton – Songs of Innocence

“The Chimney Sweeper”
"A Cradle Song"
"On Another Sorrow"
"The Blossom"

All movies by Christine Schörkhuber


Nifty’s "Oysterfaank", live @ Sargfabrik 2010, by Georg Eckmayr

Nifty’s "Naftularasa", live @ Bunkerei Augarten, Klezmore Festival 2010, by our audience, cut by Dominik Grünbühel

Niftys "Slow Farmers", live @ Klub Syrnau in Zwettl 2011, by Kultur.Impuls.Zwettl


Movie by Alexandra Tietz and Bernd Satzinger, cut by Bernd Satzinger

Shoot Me

1st Movie live @ Tanzquartier Wien, Nov 17th 2011 Wiener Festwochen

2nd & 3rd Movie live @ "Zagrebački Plesni Centar", May 2012, "Dance Week Festival Zagreb"


live @ espressofilm opening 2012

Movie: Lukas Böck
Sound: Mathias Koch


“Zhlub” /w Andreas Waelti, Clemens Salesny, Fabian Rucker
Open Loose @ Hinterland.

Movie: Stephan Pen and students of Deutsche Pop