For some time I had been considering this point, but it was Melissa Coleman’s visit at my shop (Filmgalerie 8½) that was the catalyst needed. I asked her and the others to be an ensemble composing and performing for/at espressofilm, Vienna’s summer-cinema for short film. I chose them as soloists; they had never worked together as a band.

Having been inspired by a conversation with a friend and following my own tradition of naming my long-term projects (Filmgalerie 8½Rote Laterne) after film titles the collective Shortbus consisting of the following six magicians is founded. — Alexander Lustig, May 14, 2012.

Melissa Coleman
Everytime I hear her play I am deeply impressed by the sound Melissa creates unearthing jewels hidden somewhere. A chameleonic performer and composer — she gives new perspectives on her instrument, the violoncello.

Known as dieb13 Dieter Kovacic has built and gained more than reputation and respect for his instruments, the turntables, and the community platform over the last twelve years. Explicitly said („klingt org“ can be translated into „sounds weird“) and immanently prospering here: an awareness for sound. Finally and once more — “weird” connotates positively.

Mathias Koch
Listening, opening and energizing — Mathias combines these three qualities distinctively. Often becoming a kind (of) powerhouse and pyrotechnician when performing he delivers a most welcome insight into a colourful language of drums, percussion and vibraphone.

Ritsche Koch
Being a commuter between individualistic performance and the bigger sort of shows Ritsche always abides by his manifoldtrumpet sound and transcends stylistic borderlines inviting and mesmerizing audiences at the same time.

Martin Siewert
Being very critical concerning the sound of guitars and electronics I am delighted by what Martin has always given to fellow artists and audiences since I first heard him in Trio F around 1995. Listening to the latest Trapist release, “the golden years”, I again realize how enthusiastic and unique his vision of sound has always been.

Philip Zoubek
The man with the Z* prepares — for instance for a journey in(to) his grand piano which can be like a ride on a multiple-decker bus. Philip constantly builds new decks of ideas where this polyphonic vehicle could drive — you could easily forget that it is also aprepared piano.
*) Z as in Zaubara

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Text: Alexander Lustig
Foto: © Gerlinde Egger